Men Buy, Women Shop

What is with Irish men and shopping?

Between brothers, dads, housemates and dragging the poor boyfriend on those ever so rare Sunday shopping trips, It’s hard not to notice men’s HILARIOUS shopping habits!

#1 Baskets

Men just hate shopping baskets.

Your right arm has turned purple, and the apple tart your wife asked for is now an apple crumble, but you still soldier on basket-less!

As for Trolleys; “I’m not wheeling that yoke around”.

#2 Food Breaksfood

Remember when you were about 3 years old, your parents bribed you into staying quiet in mass by constantly reassuring you that yes you could get sweets in the shop afterwards, provided you were good?

Well guys….Those cheeky little (or disgustingly large) meals from McDonalds every 45 mins, they do the trick just great 😉 you hungry creatures!

#3 Dates
Maybe male shoppers should be commended in this situation.

Women have a strong tendency to reach right into the back of the fridge to get the carton of milk with August 2019 as an expiry date, when in reality the milk will be history by 5 o’clock this evening!

Men, on the other hand, do you even know that food products have expiry dates?

#4 Penneys

Neersz_baby_cryingd we elaborate??

Any budding entrepreneur could make their first million on designing a ‘men sitting area’ at the entrance of all Penneys nationwide.

By the way, texting her 10 times in the space of 15 minutes asking ‘are you ready yet?’ is NOT helping your case.

#5 Lists

When a man comes into the shop with a detailed shopping list from his wife/girlfriend.

Ladies, this is beyond cruel. His heart is thumping just at the thought of having to ask for assistance.

“She said kidney beans but sure these will do, won’t they?” says the man with the tin of Heinz Baked Beans in tomato sauce in his hand.

Men are often sent back to the shop an hour later, like a bold child, because they bought the organic pasta that cost €9, despite you advising them otherwise.                                                                                        


#6 Asking for Assistance     

This is similar to when you get lost on the road and refuse to ask anyone for directions. Well, let me tell you how funny it is watching you walk aimlessly from the tampons to the milk looking for a jar of pesto.                                     

TIP FOR THE DAY: Ask for help lads!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     #7 Unloading The Shopping


Sorry but, it is not possible to get €150 worth of groceries inside, in one trip.

Your stubbornness is admirable, but really embarrassing when you drop a bag HA!

shopping with girlfriends

#8 Man Chair

Lines of boyfriends coming together to empathise, HA HA !
Maybe it’s time for another McDonalds?
Hang in there lads, she’s nearly finished, promise!


IreneJournoCub 🙂


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