Hello world!

Hey guys 🙂

So this is my very first blog post! I’ll start with a brief intro as to what this crack is all in aid of.

Since I was mere babby (as my dad would put it) I’ve had a real grá for writing. I really have no idea where it came from though, as you could pay NOBODY in my family enough to write. Maybe this begs further questioning, hmm….?

Anyhow! Remember those stories the teacher gave us to write in primary school? Most people hated them. Me, however, I loved them! Even as a child I loved sitting down and describing just about anything with a pen and paper (probably a smudged pencil on second thought).

‘Personal Writing’ in secondary school clarified that the world of writing was the only planet I belonged on! Unfortunately, my fondness for writing was overshadowed by the leaving certificate English paper 2. I just could not deal with any more of Shakespeare or Jane Austen’s ancient airs and graces (no disrespect to either). I guess I had forgotten what it was like to just sit and write, the way I wanted to! So…. due to last minute nerves and all that, I went online and changed my long loved ‘LM039’ to ‘LM032’. I was now an Arts student of UL. The year absolutely flew, but now that I’m at the end of it, I realise the true error in my ways.

So here I am now, in the lovely month of May, trying my utmost to get back to where I think I belong; Journalism!

Thank you if you have read this far. I hope this is the first of many blogs I will write! If anyone has any advice for a stressed tranferee I would massively appreciate it 🙂

IreneJournoCub X.

(PS; Check out this very helpful & talented ladies stuff >> liesandbowties.wordpress.com)


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