Offaly…I think I drove through it once

Us BIFFOs are used to hearing this.
However, living in the lovely city of Limerick the past year has made me realise that the grass is not always greener on the other side.
Let’s get one thing straight, Offaly is not, nor will it ever be Ireland’s #1 Holiday Haven.
But sure look, every county, Offaly and Limerick included, have their glories.
So what do we have to offer those who are “driving through” ?

                 #1 Tullamore Dew
tullamore dew

After 60 long years of absence, Tullamore D.E.W was finally returned to its homestead, in September 2014. Irish whiskey sales have seen a massive increase globally in recent years, but the legendary taste of Tullamore D.E.W has always remained on top.

The reopening marks a new era for Tullamore D.E.W, which is very much reflected in the fresh lease of life around the town of Tullamore. The visitors center which lies along the banks of the Grand Canal is open to the people for their very own whiskey tasting session. To experience the transformation of the whiskey from a mere idea to a drink in your hand is simply spectacular. For more details on visiting please check out their impressive website.

#2 Offaly Rowing Cluboffaly rowingEstablished in 1985 on the Grand Canal, Offaly rowing club celebrates its 30th birthday this year.

The club welcomes all talents and abilities. So whether you want to row for leisure or are interested in it competitively; do not hesitate to contact head coach, Establisher and president Frank Durkin. There are boats available for individuals, pairs and fours,a nd also for those with limited abilities. Everybody is catered for at lock 23.

 The club’s first summer rowing camp is running this August, so  be sure to check out their Facebook page for more details.

#3 Neil Delamarneil delamaree

Yes, a very successful and funny man, renowned for his comedy and loveable personality is from Offaly. As well as his ongoing tours and sell out gigs, Neil has plenty more tricks up his sleeve for the future. These include some hilarious TV and Radio projects. So the next time you’re lucky enough to be a front row victim to Neil Delamare’s ferocious wit, be sure to yell “BIFFO”,

 #4 Lough Boora Parklands

lough booraMy personal favourite! 😀

The stillness and tranquillity that comes alongside the epic beauty of Lough Boora Discovery Park is truly unforgettable. Another one of Offaly’s attractions recognised and recommended by With some of Ireland’s most endangered Wildlife in its protection, Lough Boora is doing more than its fair share for our environment. The collection of sculptures, bike trails, and natural lakelands will keep you entertained for a day and impressed forever.
Have a look at the website for a more. 

#5 Linda O’Brien Jewellerylinda obrien

Have you ever been on holiday and came across an amazing once off little place with lots of enchanting things? Well, Linda O’Brien’s studio is a definite once off. Modest but beautiful, this little haven offers some of Ireland’s most exclusive and original jewellery pieces. As well as the studio’s interior attractions; its exterior surroundings showcase Ireland’s extraordinary natural beauty. Conveniently located just a stone’s throw from Esker Hills Golfclub, both the Ladies and Gents will be well looked after.

Click over to Linda’s Business Page for a more glamourous browse.

#6 The Tullamore Show

tullamore show
One of Ireland’s best attended Agricultural Shows. Welly wearing farmers and their families come from far and near for the long-anticipated ‘day off’. Attracting over 60,000 visitors, the annual show offers something to everyone. Food stalls, crafts, fashion, livestock, machinery, and music; to name a few. it really is a day for the whole family.
Find out more here about this year’s show

#7 Charleville Castle

charleville castle
Whether you are in search of an edgy summer festival or a relaxing Sunday stroll; Charleville Castle in Tullamore can cater for you. Nestled in one of Ireland’s most eminent Oak woodlands, with walking trails and wildlife, no nature enthusiast will be disgruntled. Castle Palooza combines the precious old and fresh new aspects of Charleville Castle; bringing to life an ever bettering music and arts Summer festival.

Take a look at some of their friendly ghost stories online here.

Irene JournoCub 🙂 x


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